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How Child Support Is Calculated

Child support is an area that can be tricky and difficult to understand when it comes to divorce. This is also a part of the process where many non-custodial parents — who are typically fathers — feel they have been treated unfairly by the courts


Why You Should Petition To Modify Child Support

Many fathers know intuitively that their child support should go down if their income goes down, but they are unsure of when to file a petition to modify their child support. They could also be concerned about whether the cost of drafting and filing such


Reducing Or Terminating Alimony And Child Support

Child support and alimony are fairly common issues in divorce that continue to affect the parties for years, or even decades, after the divorce is finalized. These obligations often place enormous financial strain on the payor when they must continue to cut their ex a


Divorce Decree Facts: Top 5 Custody And Support

Finally getting to the end of a divorce proceeding can be overwhelming. The emotional and mental toll that divorce takes on an individual can distract you from making sure you clearly understand what is expected post-divorce. Your attorney should explain the final decree in detail


Can You Afford A Stay-At-Home Ex?

A blog post attempting to calculate a dollar figure for the value of a stay-at-home mom recently went viral when a father determined that “he cannot afford his wife.” By looking up the average cost of services such as daycare, cleaning, shopping, laundry, etc., Steven

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How Child Support Is Calculated
New Mexico family law attorney Camille Pedrick gives a general outline of how child support is calculated by family courts across the country.
Petitioning To Modify Child Support
Virginia divorce attorney Rebecca DeVincent explains why it's crucial to modify child support as soon as you have a major change of circumstances.
Divorce 101: Children & Custody
A video series featuring information on building a custody case, what "the best interests of the children" means, child support and more.