After QDROs

Understanding Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs)

Although the entry of a decree of divorce or legal separation frequently ends much of the strain of the legal proceedings, it doesn’t always signal the end of the work that is necessary to wind up all outstanding issues. Common among the end-of-divorce tasks is


Retirement Implications And Challenges Of Gray Divorce

Recovering from a divorce is never easy, which becomes even more apparent when divorcing later in life. The growing trend in divorces from the baby-boomer generation has given rise to the prevalence of the term “gray divorce,” or divorces by people age 50 and over.

Ask a Lawyer

Can My Ex Go After My Pension Post-Divorce?

Question: My wife and I are going through an uncontested, amicable divorce. As it stands, we are both keeping our own retirement accounts. After the decree is final, could she try to go after my pension?

marital property

Classifying Separate And Marital Property

When a married couple decides that it’s time to go their separate ways, one of the first and most important parts of the divorce process is to determine what constitutes the marital estate. This will decide the property that is up for division during the


9 Common Beliefs Attorneys Frequently Correct

Don’t believe everything you see on TV, hear from friends and be particularly skeptical when it comes to reading things on the Internet. This general rule should be common-place by now;  however, that doesn’t prevent people from accepting things that are partially or totally wrong

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