After Modifying Custody

decree modification

The Basics Of Divorce Decree Modification

Katherine Lewis, Contributing Author While aspects like property division and debt allocation are generally not altered after they have been decided in a divorce, the final agreement is not completely set in stone. It is possible for many aspects, such as alimony, child support payments


Relocation And Custody After Divorce

One common custody issue that comes up after divorce is one parent wishing to move. Since the original decree and parenting plan was based on the circumstances at the end of marriage, this will create a situation where a modification is often required. It is


Consultation Preparation for Decree Modifications

Angela Penick, Contributing Author So, you want to modify your court order. Hands down, the most important aspect of a consultation to modify a prior order is to bring a complete copy of the order you are seeking to change. So many prospective clients come


Enforcing Visitation When Denied Court-Ordered Parenting Time

Although strides have been made toward making equal custody the default standard, it has yet to catch on in the majority of states. Until then, many perfectly fit and loving fathers are going to be regulated to default visitation schedules that typically fall into the

emergency temporary custody

Obtaining Emergency Temporary Custody Of Your Children

Megan Williams, Contributing Author In many custody proceedings, whether it is through divorce, modification of custody or simply establishing initial custody and parentage, there are emergency circumstances where a father can — and should — ask the court to grant him emergency temporary custody over the

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