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Everything You Need To Know About Mediation: Part I

Most courts have recognized the importance of parties attempting to resolve their disputes out of court in an informal setting, especially in family law matters that involve custody and parenting time disputes over minor children. If you are going through a divorce, establishing paternity or


Everything You Need To Know About Mediation: Part II

While many people going through divorce may have heard of mediation and have an idea of what to expect, others might not have any clue what it is and why it is recommended or required by the courts. This alternative dispute resolution process allows both

mediation saves

Mediation Saves Time And Money During Divorce

If you and your spouse are having trouble hashing out the details of your divorce’s final agreement, then mediation may be a solution to your problems. Mediation is a process that involves both parties (and sometimes their lawyers) sitting down with a trained, neutral mediator

Collaborative divorce

Collaborative Divorce: Another Alternative to Court

Collaborative family law is another method to resolve a divorce that focuses on avoiding  court. It is kind of like a step between mediation and litigation: You and your spouse make a formal agreement not to take the divorce to trial, and the attorneys focus


Arbitration: Your Own Private Divorce Court (Kind of)

Many people facing divorce want to avoid the time-consuming, expensive process of fighting out their disputes in court. Mediation would be one choice, but there is no guarantee an agreement will be reached with every issue. However, a third alternative exists that is faster than

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