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The Importance of Attorney-Client Relationships

Going through a divorce, the chances are pretty high that you will have to work with an attorney at one point or another. If your spouse hires counsel, it is prudent to seek your own to level the playing field, which introduces a new relationship

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Social Media Pitfalls To Avoid During Divorce

In the digital age, society is thoroughly interconnected by social media. From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram to Vine, Foursquare to LinkedIn, people are able to keep up with practically anyone and observe the activities in each other’s lives like never before. When going through a


Keeping Cool During Divorce

Every divorce has different circumstances, but the emotional toll of the process is something that will be felt by everyone. This can lead to tempers flaring, angry outbursts, feeling lost, depression or any number of strong feelings that may cloud your ability to keep a


The Advantages Of Settling A Divorce Out Of Court

Negotiating the terms of a divorce is difficult enough when you are on fairly good terms with your spouse, not to mention how much harder they become when you can barely stand being in the same room as one another. However, most estimates put the


Text Messages Increasingly Used As Divorce Evidence

In family courts across the country, incriminating text messages and other personal electronic communications are increasingly being used as evidence in divorce proceedings — and it’s easy to understand why. In today’s high-tech world, texting has overtaken many traditional methods of communication. This can be

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Colorado family law attorney Marlana Caruso explains several reasons why it is often beneficial to avoid litigation.
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