Understanding ‘Walking Away’ as a Concept


When a married person seeks a divorce from their spouse, it can look like they are walking away from their vows, their union, and their commitment. However, the personal details of the specific situation could tell a completely other story entirely. Walking away gets ascribed


The Benefits of Compassion During a Divorce

Outside of amicable divorces, it is difficult to imagine expressing any level of kindness to an ex-spouse or a soon-to-be ex-spouse. They are taking half of the assets in a marriage. They could be taking custody of the children. They would, then, be asking for


Understanding Divorce-Related Anger

Marital problems are not always instant. Many of the issues that couples face, such as dishonesty, poor spending habits, or substance abuse, are problems that continue to build over time. Other concerns, such as infidelity or violent behavior, are more instant, but all of these