Navigating Stepparenting and Divorce

Blended families are a fairly common result of the divorce experience. When two parents divorce and one or both get remarried to spouses who also have children, two blended families are created, as a result. These situations can be difficult to navigate and require a


Issues of Neglect in Child Custody Cases

change of circumstances

In determining child custody, the courts are looking for an environment that is in the best interest of the child. In some custody cases, the environment options reveal a larger truth about the home options on the table. It can create a larger discussion about


Managing the Noise of Divorce

When a marriage comes to an end, it’s rarely simple. There are assets to divide, new homes to create, legal aspects to sort through, so much more. It creates a lot of necessary noise within one’s life, and unhealthy anxiety can surface, forcing the peace


The Importance of the Right to First Refusal

shared parenting

When designing a child custody agreement during a divorce, many important factors go into creating an accord that would satisfy both parents. Much of the focus is placed on who has primary custody and the child custody scheduling, that there is another important clause that