Buyout Approval, Contribution to Value in Question

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Question: Can my spouse be granted a buyout of my house with my name on it solely, even if I bought the house before marriage? Also, would they need to prove that they contributed from strictly their own money that they assisted in enhancing the property value?


Protecting Your Business During a Divorce


When going through a divorce, all assets are left up in the air, and one by one, the process sorts each asset and determines when the asset was acquired, whether or not it is marital property (based on the state’s status as an equitable division


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When one is experiencing the divorce process, there is a lot of attention placed on the assets of the individuals in the couple. Their house, their vehicles, their property, and many other entities are looked at under the microscope of the process. If you own


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In an institution like divorce, it is very difficult to pinpoint trends or current behaviors as new or unique occurrences in the process, but there is one that is gaining steam and turning the separated family dynamic on its head: nesting. Currently being popularized on