The Rights and Risks for Gun Owners in Divorce

The Second Amendment gives citizens of the United States the right to bear arms, and that has been a right that we, as Americans, have taken full advantage of. There is an ever-growing industry based around gun ownership, and responsible gun ownership has become a


Art Highly Contested During Divorce

Art is in the eye of the beholder, but in some situations, the beholder is amidst of a divorce with an ex-spouse who also is eyeing the art in their settlement. The creative expression of the medium speaks to the emotions that individuals go through


Understanding the New Men’s Divorce Source App

With the relaunch of the new Men’s Divorce Source App, Cordell & Cordell presents a beneficial trailer, highlighting the new changes and resources that the app features. Make sure to download it in the App Store, and watch out for the Android version coming out later


Buyout Approval, Contribution to Value in Question

Ask a Lawyer

Question: Can my spouse be granted a buyout of my house with my name on it solely, even if I bought the house before marriage? Also, would they need to prove that they contributed from strictly their own money that they assisted in enhancing the property value?


Protecting Your Business During a Divorce


When going through a divorce, all assets are left up in the air, and one by one, the process sorts each asset and determines when the asset was acquired, whether or not it is marital property (based on the state’s status as an equitable division