Understanding Savings Bonds During a Divorce


For those experiencing a divorce, sorting out financial assets is part of the experience, especially when there are children involved. Children tend to gather a lot of financial assets without them knowing, in the form of gifts, checks for their bank accounts, and savings bonds,


PTSD Complicates Custody Cases

handling parental alienation

After dealing with a traumatic event in one’s life or after coming back from serving in the military overseas, post traumatic stress disorder is a common condition for one to suffer from. Adding a custody battle with a soon-to-be ex-spouse can add to the anxiety


Understanding the New Men’s Divorce Source App

With the relaunch of the new Men’s Divorce Source App, Cordell & Cordell presents a beneficial trailer, highlighting the new changes and resources that the app features. Make sure to download it in the App Store, and watch out for the Android version coming out later